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Book Description

The Middle East has witnessed the birth of many civilizations. It has also been the cradle of many clashes of cultures. About 3000 years ago, the Egyptian empire extended from the Sudan to the Mediterranean Sea. But at the end of the 21st dynasty, this magnificent kingdom was threatened by very disturbing forces from both inside and outside the Kingdom. The Nubians, the Hittites, the Assyrians, the incipient Greek kingdoms, and the Sea People were jealous of the Empire of the Pharaohs. Lizla is a beautiful royal princess, whose destiny is to save the country from division and chaos. She is also very psychic, and her spiritual experiences provide guidance, wisdom, and subtle but intense initiation into the ways of love, beauty, spiritual awakening, political power, and friendship. The times called for much understanding of different traditions. She learns about diversity and patriotic loyalty. Her ultimate purpose is given to her by the goddess Isis herself: to discover the ancient mysteries that stood at the root of Egyptian culture and were the basis for their wisdom and knowledge. This book depicts the princess's preparation for this fascinating mission as well as her initiation into the mysteries in her own heart.

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